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PAS ZA HLAČE FjallRaven Money Belt

77254 Fjall Raven

PAS ZA HLAČE FjallRaven Money Belt
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PAS ZA HLAČE FjallRaven Money Belt - Canvas Money Belt

Practical and attractive synthetic money belt with G-1000 on the outside. Hidden safety pocket on the inside and a metal squeeze buckle.

Practical and attractive money belt for safe storage of your cash while travelling. Made from G-1000 Original with a strong synthetic strap and zippered pocket on the inside. Brushed metal squeeze buckle makes adjusting length easy. One size that can easily be cut to the desired length before refastening the buckle. 4 centimetres wide.

  • Details: Size Guide. (PDF)
  • SKU: F77254
  • Concept: Polar
  • Outer material: 100% Acrylic